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Your legal Rights as Washingtonians

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A Few Pointers And Guides To Help You When Being Detained, Questioned, Harassed And Or Arrested By Law Enforcement In Washington State.  Made Available By The ACLU Of Washington

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Become A Part Of The Change That We So Desperately Need Here In The Tri City Area

One Peace, One World was one of the Best things To Happen To Myself and a Group Of Teens Needing A Push In The Right Direction, looking to Get Our Mentoring Group Back Up & Running Again. Who would have thought degrees and felonies would be the Ultimate Match That WORKS!!!!! Now  we just to get someone to give us the chance that we are seeking

The Simple Truth

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Things The City Counsel’s Don’t Focus On and or Keep Updated  Information For Tri City Residents

Actual Amount of Sex Offenders

Its crazy ridiculous how the city council members refuse to keep TriCitians informed and updated with the actual amount of Sex Offenders roaming our streets, preying on our children.

Officers That Take Bribes & Get To Keep Their Jobs

It is factual information that there have been Pasco Officers that still have jobs yet took bribes from the street which happened to be sexual

The Actual Hazards Of Handford

So with all the news that goes on around the world pertaining to Hanford …Why are we all still in the Dark and WE live here???

Bogus Arrests Due To Harrassment

Officers continue to harrass individuals based off their pasts as well as intimate others to take the fall due to their lack of commitment to get the actual perpetrators.

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Views from US the Public about Tri City Washingtons un Just Justice System

The Simple Truth

Finally The Simple Truth is starting to come to light and the civilians here in the great Tri Cities is not gonna know what to do. I am so excited[…]

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Purpose of life

Purpose of life What is your Purpose? Do U know? Does anyone? Have you ever just sat there and ask yourself this question? Well, I would be lying to you[…]

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Step Up

I know this is off subject but as a mother and activist for at risk teens as well as civil liberties there is something I want to inform you ladies[…]

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This is one of the things we do best

We need better programs that will reach our children, We had one but couldn’t get funding, not one of our teens have gone back to the same things they were doing prior to our program, Help us to do what we love to do!!

At “One Peace, One World”, our mission is to recruit teens from the community and provide them an outlet that will allow them to create change for the better in their community.

When you give a teen the opportunity to express themselves, you might find yourself amazed at the untold story that has been internalized. Art can be a powerful way of capturing one’s mind and giving it the guidance that could potentially help one rise above all and create a spark that will ignite the future.
At “One Peace, One World”, our mission is to recruit teens from the community and provide them an outlet that will allow them to create change for the better in their community, and gain self empowerment in the process. Our program will allow teens to gain a sense of value, belonging, and leadership skills.

Contact us, and learn how you could become part of One Peace One World.
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