No Matter

It is what it is

No Matter

All the Change

All the change that is to be may be a good thing. I mean no one gives a fuck about anything aside from them selves and most are so caught up in a mind frame that is way delusional that the obvious is of bliss to them.

Its so frustrating with how things are.

All the change that has occurred and from living here my whole life,eing things getting worse for the poor as well as having been on both sides of the fence in the sense of being in the system as a ward of the state (foster care) to a property of the state(incarceration), to giving back to the community of being of service in the community to mentoring at risk youth then being sabotaged by someone I was suppose to spend the rest of my life with, as well as co workers that just months before all signed declarations of character to help me to obtain my child from the courts due to abuse by her father to being right back on the streets like I was a lost cause.

That quick all was lost and when I went to cps myself and asked for help they refused to help me even though at the time I was living out of a storage and truck while paying family members and friends to allow my child to stay there, that was until they decided to kick us even more while we were down.

But had someone reported me to cps they would have been there to take my child as they once had. Yet I had to fill out a form and wait 2-4 weeeks for them to send it to olympia to get approval to help?? WTF !!

Can I catch a break??

Like for real and then still trying to make a difference here in a town that has more or less shit on me from day one. This town is all I have known and even though I have not had the best of luck or a chance I am still Begging to be heard out on something that will help our communities as well as everything they are trying to rid from the Tri City area.

It’s not gonna cost the taxpayers nothing

From homelessness to more jobs to less gang activity to beautifying our town, to helping at risk teens , to helping the less fortunate become self reliant and its not gonna cost the tax payers a thing,

yet here I still am waiting on responses from the ones that are claiming that our town needs to rid poor folk and “criminals” because let them tell it we are the problem. Uh sorry to burst y’alls bubble , but once again you are incorrect. If its not gonna cost the tax payers nothing why wouldn’t you at least hear it out??

A town that can make 15.4 million dollars off of tax payers, (more poor than rich), in the time frame of less than 10 years and doesn’t give back to the community to where all that already live and reside there can benefit is wrong and immoral.

The whole reasoning for it was for the town not to hire more non needed officers or detectives. Or body cams, new cop cars, equipment to harm civilians, it should have been put to mental health, at risk teens, community centers, safe places for all kids to go to enjoy life.

But really who are they real criminals? I have an opinion ans well for now I will keep it to myself .

Why in the hell would anyone stand up make a difference in a town so many of us really hate?? Thats never done anything good for us but cage us up and make us out to be animals, and if that were true who would be responsible for making us that way??

No Matter

This is why.

Regardless of where we are in our own personal worlds, (mentally and physically) no matter how shitty you feel you have been done by a system that was developed with the reasoning to protect and serve,

no matter if you were abandoned and ostracized by the very ones that were suppose to love you from the day you were conceived,

no matter the years of mental, physical, emotional, abuse seen my officials were never important enough to do anything to help,

no matter losing a child due to the bias opinion of one individual that sets your life in a spiral from the fresh age of adulthood,

no matter the pain you endured because of that they ended up becoming the straw that broke the camels back,

no matter the death you have seen or have been known, no matter the difficulties and injustices that were and continue to be done racially or otherwise,

no matter the fact that we live in a world today that is shitty as all day, no matter our president is the most egotistical, worse idea we as a nation have ever had,

no matter how many times you give your all to be shot down because you want to make a difference and refuse to stay down once stomped in the yard, its because at the END of the day this is whats always been my home.

No matter how many family and friends died at the hands of the police or one another,

No matter how many women had there children taken for no reasoning all because they had a quota to make,

no matter how many times you have been harassed by cops because they really had nothing better to do,

no matter how many pedophiles they have living amongst us that are not registered, no matter how much they get away with murder,

no matter how much brown skin really means nothing here,

No matter that you were fucked from day one out of your momma, just because, WE STILL CARE, THIS IS OUR HOME TOO!!

I still found a way to escape

I grew up here, regardless of the life that was given to me I still found a way to escape from all the negativity and turn it in to positive. Whether I always made the right choices or not I still proceeded to do the next right thing, and the fact remains that this is what I know of home, The Tri Cities.

With all the new projects (as in building of) approved the cost of living is going to sky rocket which we who have been here through it all and have already been pushed out of neighborhoods aren’t gonna stand a chance if this whole development goes as planned. Once again I still found a way to escape.

We need more things for our children to be apart of, Home base, was an option back in the day and even though many of us still did what normal teens would we still had somewhere to go to feel safe and have fun with friends from all neighbor hoods, things weren’t always peaceful but having places and people to talk to has become invisible here.

Ya’ll think that gangs and drugs are our problem, No its not is the lack of community involvement and the lack of help for the less fortunate and the lack of compassion in this town period. We need more people to see the bigger picture to make a difference.

It’s unrealistic

To live in a world where nothing bad happens is never going to happen, its unrealistic, it is life cycle , being apart of the change is hard for felons and or anyone who has been in the system because we aren’t given a chance.

So we fucked up okay, so we fucked up for years but finally seen the light and made a decision to give back because just as we once were that child,

there are so many more and to know that we had someone we could trust when we were younger to run to we had that, there is nothing for our kids unless they come from money and thats not cool.

You think it’s unrealistic that people can change?? How will you know if you don’t give them that chance.

The neighbor hoods we grew up in are all gone and rebuilt, so we don’t even have that anymore and here we are still trying to make a change so that the only thing we have is just the town.

Rather than push us out allow us to be a part of the difference that you claim your seeking. For some of us The Tri is all we have and had whether its good or bad , we deserve that.

Any comments would be helpful and appreciated. Please don’t hesitate to share and start discussion because this is needed on so many levels.

Until next time,

Stay Encouraged


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