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About The Simple Truth

Hello and welcome to my site. I am a native of the Tri Cities. Growing up I had some up and downs and well lets just say I didn’t make the best choices. In fact, I made some really horrible choices but believe it or not I wouldn’t change anything that has happened to me because it has made me into the woman I am today.



The things that I have gone through factor into what it is I would like to bring to light. I hope to give you a few truths into our justice system as well as knowledge, based on facts, that need to be worked on as a whole!!



There has been too much unnecessary roughness by local officers. As a law-abiding citizen a mother, aunt, cousin,daughter,mentor,and mentored I feel It is my duty to SPEAK UP when it comes to our  UNJUST system here, in the great TRI -CITIES, Washington.




We the people need to do more when it comes to our communities. We the people need to look at what’s really going on and do something to change all that is unjust and discriminate.


My hope is that I can shed some light onto a dark place that we call home….. Tri-Cities, Washington.



Many tell me I am a fool to do what so many are scared to do, all I am doing is stating the truth, about the corrupt system we live in.



From experience to statistics to cold-hearted facts, something has got to change and maybe just maybe the world we now live in can be changed one person at a time.



I have been discriminated against and harassed by officials my entire life the only thing that hasn’t happened is my death (thanks be to God).



From standing my ground asserting my rights to standing against the county for the wrong doings pertaining to debtors prisons.





Whether rich or poor many of our civil liberties are about to be challenged in the court system. Starting with our 1st amendment…FREEDOM OF SPEACH.



The media are giving us only what congress wants US to know or believe. We civilians have the right to know what is going on while it is going on as well as a right to voice our opinions on it, we should be given the right to vote on it as we are for any other altering of any law made to change.



My whole point is that in a sense they have already token our right away by not keeping us informed on their TRUE agenda and making decisions without the knowledge being made aware for the public to challenge it to somethings got to give.



We need more people involved in city council meetings and really speaking for the people, Cause I tell you what we as a whole need won’t get got, unless we fight for it TOGETHER!!!!





Iv’e been witness to this town coming together on numerous occasions and this is no different.



We need to remind our children and one another the reasoning behind America being called the land of the free, if our congress continues at the pace they are we will self-destruct and we will have no one to blame but our selves.



This blog is strictly for us to voice our concerns, brainstorm together, find some solutions so that we may be the change we’d like and NEED to see.



It is also to inform those on both sides of the fence what’s going on and the cause and effect of the decisions attempting to me made/ unjust in the system they call justice.



Together we can do anything we put our minds to!! Together UNITED is a must otherwise we will continue to fall victim to a system designed to trap you no matter the changes you make in your life.



I can’t do this alone so before judging I ask that you be open to what is said and written here, but most importantly I ask for you to speak up whether for it or against it, every ones opinion counts and matters.


If you any suggestions, comments, topics, criticism or questions feel free to leave it below and we will get to the bottom of it, together.



Thank you for stopping by for whatever reason that may be, hope to see you back daily giving me insight and being a part of making a change one person at a time.



Until next time, stay informed, get involved, and become a part of the solution but always BE ENCOURAGED!!!




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