All time favorites, and your all American squad

It is what it is

All time favorites, and your all American squad

 Shameless is the New America

Family First


You watched Shameless, on Showtime, right?? Then you can probley relate to what I mean when making a comparison, in the TV series and our world as we know it.


The cast consist of a family that will not give up on life or one another. The story line are of what is really wrong and going on in our world today, but most of all it shows just how biased our system is and the everyday problems we as Americans are to one another.


With sensitive and actual real life issues that many of us have faced or are facing, in each episode they show how much it means to have family and or a support system to deal with the things that so many are clueless and judgmental to. Having been dealt a bad hand from birth they all find their own journeys with the love and support of one another.


A family that knows the true meaning of unconditional love and loyalty, pride for their country and the determination to make something out of themselves despite the obstacles that lie ahead.


Devoted and determined to help one another succeed no matter what, they display the so common average American family!! I believe the series can teach many the actual issues that we as a nation face.

Frank or Francis


The father Frank and or his other persona later Francis is an alcoholic, that ironically is also highly educated. Rather than be the stand up father figure for his tribe and community he is a selfish, deadbeat, father that time and time again screwed his kids over, always for self gain and instant gratification.


On top of being an alcoholic he is also a binge user, better terms is addicted to drugs. With kaos and destruction always following him, he shows his offspring everything they don’t want to be, how not to be there for someone else.


Being the manipulative, cunning, scandalous, self-seeker he is, having sexual relations with women who have their own challenges mentally he by far isn’t father of the year.


With having been in love with the kids mother, Monica Franks life shows the dysfunction, issues, and lack of responsibility as well as no accountability which happens to be the actual reality of many households today.


Mooching off of others always and manipulating situations to get what he wanted, his children grew a deep disliking for him almost killing him due to lack of love and respect for them. They still manage to keep love for him, because while he wasn’t there caring for them, he at least was more present physically unlike their mother.


After losing her to death and what happened before she passed on, it united them as a whole which, in turn Frank or should I say Francis, finally mans up and starts to make changes to be a part of his families lives on a daily. which leads us to Monica….





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Monica, who has Bi Polar Disorder and lacks the love and devotion from her kids,is in and out of there lives(more out than in) finds out she has a brain annerism that was going to be the end of her without actual knowledge of when it would happen.


Not having much time to live, she did what any other mother would do, which was make amends with them all and be there as much as she could with the time that was allotted to her.


Making amends and trying to explain why she hadn’t and or couldn’t be there for them growing up all but the 2 eldest forgive her and allow her to be a part of their lives. In the little bit of time she had left on the earth.


Having the opportunity to let them know individually how much they ment to her. As well as to never wanting to cause them pain she had done what she thought was best for them by not having to deal with her bi polar in fear that she may have hurt one of them.




Which leads us now to Fiona. She is the one that holds the deepest anger for her mother because she was only 9 years old when she left.

A child herself she had to grow up fast and had to step to the plate of being the mother and father for her siblings all the while taking care of her deadbeat father, Frank on top of it all.


Not able to pursue her own dreams due to raising her brothers and sisters Fiona gets involved with many many men of which none of them stayed true to her causing her to finally realize that meaningless sex wasn’t for her.


Falling in love and getting married a few times she ends up divorced and a new found hatred for her father when he takes over her wedding acting a fool then releases the truth about her soon to be husband, that he is addicted to heroin, the whole time hiding it from Fiona and his son.


Washing her hands of both of them Fiona finally starts caring about herself. Trying to let the past be she ends up realizing what CREDIT is and buys her first property, living her life for herself and finding out what shes been missing.




Which brings us to lip, who is 2nd eldest, a genius that is promiscuous, angry, the other keeper to the family.


Lip ends up falling in love with one of his professors, of which he ends up getting kicked out of college because he went ape shit while heavily intoxicated from alcohol, having damaged property of his male professor that paid for him to go to treatment due to his anger/drinking getting out of control (who had taken him under his wing) and scaring others that went to school there too.


He ends up going back home drinking himself to misery and losing sight on what is alcoholism was doing to his younger siblings. He is starting to follow in Franks footsteps until he finally understands the damage he was causing when little sister debbie expresses her concern and love for him wanting him only to succeed and Turing out nothing like their father.

Debs and baby Frannnie


Debbie is the youngest girl out of her and Fiona. Having gotten pregnant. At 15 years old, She is the girl that wanted to feel accepted by everyone. Wanting and needing both of her parents growing up she sometimes reached out to her father and got involved in his game playing with another household due to Fiona wanting her to have an abortion.


Having dropped out of school, (obtained her GED ) some one having reported her to cps, and Fiona on her about being a responsible parent and wanted her to start contributing to the family bills and needs, she moves out and almost throws in the towel. Debs then attempts to leave her baby at a fire station having believed that her sister was right and that Debs was too young to be a mother.


Once she realized that she could and would be a great mother Debs goes back to school, for welding!! Landing her a boyfriend with head trauma as well as being confide to a wheelchair (due to being hit by a bus) she ends up being kicked out by him due to her manipulating him and using him while treating him like dirt.


She ends up experimenting with a woman and believes her self to be gay, that is until the girl she was dating turned her off by speaking on all her prior ex girlfriends.


Doing whatever she had to do to take care of herself and daughter she gets into a fight with a homeless woman while holding her baby in her arms. Debs babies daddy family sees her hanging on a corner as well as videos the fight.


Her daughters aunt goes behind her back and helps the grandmother (on fathers side) kidnap baby. After demanding her child back and not getting her, Monica comes to the rescue and gets baby Frannie back for Debs. With Monica helps Debs beats the cps investigation and starts rebuilding a relationship with her momma.



Carl is the typical young adolescent boy that looks to be the sweetest little cutie pie around, until he opens his mouth and speaks!! LOL, by far one of my fav cast members. Beings the 2nd youngest the group he pursues his dream of being hood, so to speak.


Watching his older siblings go through the different stages of life and between them all having covered many issues with in their immediate family that relates to the very struggles and hardships some have faced for their entire life or we face today, he more or less refuses to be played to the left as some had and or end up like his father and mother.


The one thing no one else did Carl would do, which was represented the world through the eyes of a young entrepreneur embracing the world to become a drug dealer. The street life is what he ended up in juvineille prison making even more “friends” for his departure of the corrections center.


Being hip and or having street knowledge Carl got into deep and had some reality and growing of his own to see, with the facts hitting him in the face he realizes where his life would be if he continued on into dealing street drugs and whatever else he was involved with.


When his best friend (who turns out to be an older black man he met and got close with while in the detention center) killed and 11 year old kid for stealing his bike Carl realized that his life could be gone that quick, whether having been the one to commit a crime such as this and or be on the receiving in and being dead in a blink of an eye.


That ultimately motivated him to pursue and complete different road in life, which turns out to be becoming a solider signing up for a cadet program of which he feels empowered through and can now become a man.




Ian is the gay second eldest son whom sadly inherits his mothers bi polar disorder d sending him into states of absolute kaos and roller coaster rides of never ending emotions driving him tho believe he is a freak and will be cursed for life.


With his mental condition or not Ian has the best interest of his siblings at heart and is a huge piece to holding them together From being a prostitute, falling in love with a dude that hid the fact that he was gay from everyone especially his father.


Having episodes time and time again them going through what they did with their mother when she would be manic and every thing else they found ways to deal with him and to help him cope with himself. I


Ian enlisted into the army under an alias ( his brother ).After taking the risk of getting caught lying and with having bi polar disorder and not informing them he went to the army as his brother all to not finish what he started and ended up pulling a MIA and later finally coming out to accept it for what it was and deal with it.



Last but not least is liam. Who happens to be a black little boy but is surrounded by people that isn’t his color. While everyone thought that Monica had cheated through everything else they had been through, come to find out he ends up being Frank is Liams biological father and you can only imagine the difference in opinions and scenarios that could possible go with this particular situation. B

Liam is loved by all with his family. Frank gets him in a private school and he happens to be the only minority. As the school uses him to their advantage, Liam gets the opportunity to see life on the rich side as well as a two parent home. Being able to spend time with one rich classmate Liam wants the life of this and excels in school all to be kicked out and put in public school. Still focused on his studies he is the adorable baby brother that everyone protects at all cost.

Rise Above it ALL





For those of you like me, I look forward to the All American family displaying the very things we have going on in our world as we are being tentatively entertained by the underdog always staying true to his real self. Every persona that makes up that family and cast are just the same as u and or I .


While we watch them battle with one another against one another but always ending side by side as dysfunctional as they are portrayed to be the love, commitment, trust and loyalty they have to and for one another is unbreakable.


I am a huge fan and can relate too much of the actual content that they use for their story line , which is Family First, Family first, family first!! Through it all good, bad, ugly, betrayal, distrust, and the list goes, on but point being is we have lost sight of our faith in one another and society as a whole.


I wrote this in hopes that, one you watch the show because it is absolutely amazing but to show how our world is in complete disarray with how we view one another not knowing the entire story as to why people are the way they are. Our love and unity has gone a bliss and we as the people need to be the ones to do something more about it.


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