Capital Bound!!

It is what it is

Capital Bound!!

I Finally Caught My Break

I must say I have definitely been through probably some of the most difficult times of my life in the last 3 almost 4 years now, but I can finally say its over and my new beginning is just starting I am officially Capital bound!!! I finally caught my break!!!

I can see now the blessings that I was being prepared for, at least this is my belief.

My life is changing for the better, slowly and still has much to go but I got that inner peace now and boy it’s a good feeling. I had to go through it and see the absolute worse before I was to begin to appreciate the next step in my life.

One Person At A Time

I have been given the oppritunity to address our legislature with issues pertaining to our town and out lining towns, again with the ACLU!! This is what I have been trying to get yall to see, anything is possible when u put your all into it, change is possible because I am determined to e that change. One person at a time.

To be able to do the very thing I have wanted to do is the best feeling in the world. Our voice matters, we can make a change, all you have to do is BELIEVE

Sounds a little ass backwards if you ask me. LOL Yet I get it now, I thought that I understood it then when I was so far from the truth. I say this because through out these last few years every person from my childhood were more than friends TO me, they were family. Yeah we went through it but we always came back together to carry o


I Wasn’t Guilty

I got tired of carrying people for them to bad mouth me disrespect me, steal from me, sabotage my vehicles and jobs, go as far to try to get my child taken from me (after i had just won custody of her in court from her dad, who let me remind you was 13 years my senior and a POS to the 10th power.).

They falsified police reports on me, brought up my past in hopes to get me caught up for whatever reasoning that was just stupid on their part because I wasn’t guilty of ANYTHING I was accused off, I wasn’t worried about it, yet the fact that they could do the very things I had already been through and to make my child go through that shot because they were feeling some type of way and I was jumping for them as I had my entire exsistance because that is the kind of FRIEND I AM.


Loyal to a fault

Loyal to a fault. Bred from a different cloth is who I have been my entire life. These individuals couldn’t stand to see me happy, or living my life how I wanted and or upset because they weren’t multi taskers or productive themselves.
It didn’t stop there they went as far to serve me fake paperwork, portrayed that they were me and had utilities shut off, had me kicked out of my home after two months after they had helped me that year as  I lived in a motel room with my daughter and our dogs, all the while I was sleep.

Heres the icing on the cake, I was audited by the IRS and I didn’t so much as have a vehicle in my name.

Longer story short FRIENDS are few and far in between.  My dad was a wise man and bettcha bi golly wow he was correct again. I can hear his laugh at this very moment when I had  awaken and seen these individuals for who and what they really were, which wasn’t friends.

Once they cross that line

This isn’t a pitty party at all it’s a celebration of life because regardless of what they attempted I am still standing and I still come out on top.

I chose to do the things I did for them out of genuine friendship but once they crossed that line that last time, that was it, they weeded themselves out and I made sure I didn’t have any more weeds grow or mainifest around me. The world is shitty enough, ya dig??

So this new journey that I am on will be an ultimate success in everything I do because I know where I stand with myself and I know where others stand with me. Theres no more assuming on where anyones loyalty is because actions speak louder than words and if your actions are discrediting your words, then you need to get right with you and square up with yourself.

Progress at Your Own Pace

We all progress at our own pace some sooner than later but thats neither hear nor there.

Its not a competition yet everyone seems to think that it is, and out of experience I believe that  working on you and bettering yourself is no competition with anyone but yourself.

It is really sad that people can be so stuck on their own distasteful agenda that they don’t care who they play to the left and use to do whatever it is they do. I think that because they have chose not to pursue life and are in the same mentality we were in middle school they will never be good for anyone until they grow up!!!

I call it for what it is and people seem to hate what they can’t understand, they loathe what they can’t replicate!!

I spit the simple truth and we all know the truth hurts!


Stay encouraged

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