Do you really know who your neighbors are?? You will never look at another the same……..,

It is what it is

Do you really know who your neighbors are?? You will never look at another the same……..,

I know this is off subject but as a mother and activist for at risk teens as well as civil liberties there is something I want to inform you ladies about and I hope that you take it for what it is and STEP UP with me and others to get our lawmakers here in Benton and Franklin county to do the next right thing.

We, as in the state of Washington have no Laws making sexual Offenders accountable. Now I know your probably thinking that I am mis informed… No I am not as a matter of fact there are more sexual predators running loose in our communities more than there has been reported.

As a matter of fact an attorney outside of the tri in 2016 filed charges against the city of Mesa to release 21,000 names of known sex offender.

Now your probably asking why does it matter and what business is it of mine. I was raped and molested as a ward of the state when I was 9 years old as a matter of fact it was my foster family that did vile and un Godly things to me and many other children that were housed there. The results of that is that nothing came of it. When we told case manager and police we were laughed at and taken back to the home after the police informed the family of the accusations that were said.

Washington state was advised to not adopt the Adam act, which would monitor sex offenders and they would have been in a system that would ensure their whereabouts.

As it stands it was because of Money that we didn’t adopt the law. We are a pretty well off counties here in Benton and Franklin county to where they opted to raise taxes in 2014 which us taxpayers invited the raise of taxes to incorporate monies to be put towards crime prevention. Since 2014 they were able to raise 15.4 million dollars just by raising our taxes in our counties.

So tell me this, Why do we not hear about this, why isn’t anyone aware of how many loose sex offenders are lurking and we are un aware of it?? Why isn’t this broad casted for the people to know about it… This is why.

Washington State will l loose funding from the federal government of which is really not needed considering the monies that rare given aren’t being used for what its been given for.

I would never say something this serious without having the proof to back it so attached to this post is the updated and or only thing we have access to. They did a study of sex offenders that received treatment and ones that did not the only difference was yes 1%. If that is enough to re classify them after release to put them out here with our children sisters moms aunts and nieces and go on to make it seem like we have more problems with drugs, prostitution and the likes, the fact that so many sex offenders that have harmed others and would do it again do to a fetish or whatever it still is wrong that WE as civilians are being played to the left and well I need more moms to step up, If we aren’t gonna be a part of the solution then what kind of parent does that make us???

I have worked with a lot of young girls and boys that this has happened to and just think about it …do you really know who lives in your neighbor hood???

One last thing before I go, All these sex offenders are living in transitional houses across from a park or school?? Now why is it that our children lives aren’t being considered, its like they rather lie to cover that they are collecting money per pedophile that resides here yet once they reclassify them upon getting out the one notification is all that is mandate and we have the money to incorporate the system needed, so why don’t we have it yet???

Things aren’t what they seem ladies and we as mothers have a right to do right by our children and grand children, if we don’t, Clearly no ones will either.

Our cities need to get it together and start prioritizing what’s really of importance.

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