Don’t support the Phony, support the Real

It is what it is

Don’t support the Phony, support the Real

This video was an eye opener, the way that he spits knowledge on the very things we are facing today was called 20 plus years ago. That in itself should show anyone that he was more than a rapper.

I got  love n much respect for Pac because as quiet as its kept everything he spoke and rapped about every word that came  out of his mouth was knowledge that many couldn’t begin to understand. They spoke ill of him and they feared him.

Fear isn’t what he was going for, to be heard and understood is. The reason why he was loved world wide was because most of us that were born and raised in the hood or went through the things he rapped about we could relate to him 110% too bad they didn’t broadcast this interview…. I bet they wished they had now. #RIPPACGoneButNotForgotten

I honestly believe that we as a nation should take what is said in this for what it is and start making a difference by getting out there starting with our communities and working our way out towards the world. Real talk. Its past time. Step Up. If we don’t take action we will be at ww3 amongst one another.

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