DWLS 3rd degree

It is what it is

DWLS 3rd degree


Did you know that out of 1.5 million arrests in the state of Washington that 900,000 were actually incarcerated and all for DWLS 3rd degree.


You would think that with the mass incarceration rate for those incarcerated wouldn’t be for driving.


Now with that the failure to appear for court in these instances is also including in this number as well as not being on time paying their fine for dwls3.


This is ridiculous and it is a waste of tax payers money!!! So what are we going to do about it??


There is more to it

We shouldn’t have to worry about being arrested for a mere traffic violation.


Not only is it ridiculous, there is more to it and that is it has caused many people trying to get back on there feet to lose everything for becoming incarcerated over something so trivial.


The fact that there are more things  they could be spending money on this is by far the most obscured thing.


They need to make dwls3 a traffic violation and not a misdemeanor in criminal law!! So please follow this link and get our legislature to hear our voices.

A Solution

The link to help get legislatures to vote in favor of making dwls3rd a traffic citation and no longer criminal charge is right here

I am bring this to you because it is crucial and is of vital importance. So here is a solution, I will post a link so that you can be.

or you can go to the ACLU website and get more info on this and many more issues we as Washingtonians are facing and some of us are fighting for.

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