From A Convict 2 A Graduate 2 Law School

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From A Convict 2 A Graduate 2 Law School

For 10 of the nearly 15 years that i was incarcerated I expected to release from prison to the street and the only life that i have ever known. This changed when I was introduced to education.

I released from the Washington Corrections Center for Women (WCCW) to Seattle, a place that i had never been, after being accepted into the University of Washington. I expected to spend two and a half years working to earn my bachelor’s degree.

It was quite the surprise when i was informed, in December, that i would be graduating this year, 2019. I sat for the LSAT and submitted my application to several Law Schools. On July 2, 2019, I was informed that i was accepted into the University of Washington School of Law.

Unfortunately, the scholarships that UW offered had been awarded before i was able to apply and i quickly discovered that financial aid for Grad School, based upon financial hardship, was a thing of the past.

i immediately went to the financial aid office to see if my dream was a possibility. I was informed that i would be granted loans to cover the cost… over $60,000.00… just for one year. It was scary, it is still scary, I have never been in voluntary debt before and i had been offered a very competitive admissions opportunity to another law school.

But i was determined to attend the UW and i decided that i would take the loans and work harder than i have ever worked so that i would receive scholarships my second year. With heartfelt gratitude i turned down the rival institution, sold what I could, and paid the $500.00 seat reservation fee, officially enrolling in UW Law.

I was officially in debt but my education was paid, I went on line to finalize my admission. Filling out the promissory note there was a box that stated “apply for loan”, i hit the button and i was devastated when almost instantly i received the word “DENIED” denial for the loan… WHAT???!@#!?

How is that possible? my loan shows finalized, my “unmet need” was $ 0.00; my scholarships, awards, grants and loans showed “AWARDED”… as in past tense… immediately I called the UW financial aid office and asked why the loan showed in the system as granted and finalized if it was not?

I was informed that everyone always gets the Grad Plus Loan and how lucky i was that i had discovered this when I did because they did not run the loan applications through until the week before class began… meaning that i would not have discovered that the loan had been denied until then.

Devastated, but not one to simply give up, I immediately went on a letter writing spree. I contacted over 50 local organizations and i told my story. Now, between loans, grants, and scholarships i have managed to raise all but $9582.00 of the nearly $70,000 needed for my first year of law school. This is the reason that i have created this account.

It is difficult for me to ask for help, but I am… If you wish to receive further information, verification, ask questions, or review my documentation, do not hesitate to ask.

Please know that if you cannot afford to donate, please realize that i completely understand; if you would simply share my post it would be greatly appreciate, For those of you that do donate, i cannot express my gratitude enough. Thank you.

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