Homeless by default

It is what it is

Homeless by default

Do y’all even care?? What if you were told you had to move because everyone but YOU sold their homes in your neighborhood?? What if you became homeless by default? Thats precisely what this is.

Have you been paying attention to all the “New Property Owners” or should I say corporations that keep coming out the wood work??

Have you gone to a City Council meeting??? In the cities eyes their beautifying the Tri Cities but in all actuality they are pushing out the poor so more outsiders can come in and they can form a union that will be as plastic as your credit cards.

The way things are going and continue to progress anyone with a record or bad credit will ultimately be pushed into homelessness.

They believe this town needs this drastic change yet all its doing and will continue to do is ostracize the poor. So what are we going to do about it???

The fact that no one sees the underling problem is crazier than seeing a pig fly.

The fact that so many claim to be natives of this town and allegedly care what happens seems to be a crock of BS to me.

To speak on something and to do nothing about it are two different things.

If we all worked together it would be beneficial, I believe it’s time our town gave us all a chance, it’s only fair, especially after our stories are our lives.

Think about it and really understand this isn’t a joke its the truth , hopefully more will step up and with the few people we have on this team we are looking to go hard to make sure that this doesn’t happen, get involved and think about where your children will be if what the councils want to do actually happens.

Its already in play, open your eyes and stop standing by thinking all is good. Until next time ,

Be Encouraged


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