How to kill a Roach

It is what it is

How to kill a Roach


I am referring to the creepy crawling nasty, insect,bug, rodent, pest, bottom feeder or whatever you want to call it.


Now most people would be like WTH are you blogging on a roaches for,

well its simple, its real life shit that more people than none have had the unfortunate pleasures of having to deal with and it happens to be The Simple Truth.

Almost every and any one who lived in low income housing, the projects or poorly kept housing units that they house poor folk, get the un welcomed critters.

If your anything like me or anyone else that has had to deal with them your completely disgusted and uncomfortable.

They tend to take over your space, damn near forcing you out, and or in some cases they do force you out.


Those who have pasts that raise flags when it comes to inhabiting a rental property more times than not have had to to deal with these lil bullies, these types of places are about the only places that will let one with a record rent, unless of course you know someone who knows somebody.

On the other hand there are those of us who have been homeless and once the means to renting a place became available  the roaches are the last thing anyone thinks about.

It becomes a small minor adjustment, that is until walking in and being greeting by them. They look at you as if your the one invading their territory. LOL  for real though. HAHAHAHA

If you don’t have the money to afford a pest service to come out or the high priced solutions at the store  then your stuck between a rock and a hard spot because no matter how clean you may be,

until the entire space that has them is flushed out, your gonna keep the light on for them, meaning they will stay until someone thoroughly makes them extinct from the entire dwelling structure.

So what is it that works?? Some reviews state that RAID is the number one killer, I think not, they kill on the surface and if you live in the Tri Cities and have them well that surface mess ain’t working.

Okay so what about pest control?? I think that ultimately with enough treatments its possible however if your poor you don’t have that kind of money no matter how cheap they are your assed out.

The home remedie



Now on to the good stuff.

$3.24 is all its gonna cost you to rid these unwelcomed critters. 

How you ask, well here is the simple truth and simple remedie:

Go to your nearest dollar store or dollar tree and purchase these three items:

Pinesol, Bleach, and a 24.oz  Spray bottle 

Once at home follow the steps below to be roach free!!!

1:1 ratio mix (same amount of each)

luke warm water 

Caution: Do not leave out in child/pet reach

Try at your own risk!! I am not a chemist, and I am aware that you aren’t suppose mix chemicals let alone breathe them in like that, but this was an in house experiment that was tried and it worked so I am sharing the knowledge as it was shared with me.

Just make sure to use precaution when doing so, and  DO NOT STAND DIRECTLY OVER IT WHEN MIXING. I am unaware of any long lasting affects it may have on humans in the long run but I do know that them roaches will be DOA!!!

 Take 1 cup and 1/4 of each solution and pour into the spray bottle fill the rest up with luke warm water and get to spraying every crevice, crack and crannie they could possibly be.

Everywhere they may have been or where they are bound to go.  Over a three day period (with constant spraying 3x daily) this cycle will need to be repeated. Consistancy is key, you will be shocked and appalled at the non exsistance of these bottom feeders after treatments.

That is it. 

Whether you have them or someone you know does, I witnessed the before and after presentation and its a 2 thumbs up review, coming straight to you from The Simple Truth.

If you work or go to school and aren’t home all day this would be the way to apply the three treatments in three days.

apply the chemicals before going to work/school. when you get home from work/ school then before you go to bed.

If home all day: a stay at home parent

before breakfast (when u wake up) or even after you get kids off to school, again after  lunch (mid day) and then the last application of it, before you go to bed.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure that if you have animals they are no where near it or have access to lick it up off the floor, tables or counter tops it could be deadly for any house pet and or human consumption so make extra sure to KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN!!


Now you can get enjoy something refreshing to drink with out worrying about something being in it after you sat it down. LOL  or being welcomed by the welcoming committee BWAHAHAHAHA

Hope that this helps whoever needs help with ridding the ROACH!!!


Stay tuned for more home remedies that work, and if you have some of your own and you would like to share with the rest of us or in a public setting leave me a comment at the bottom here and I will get it out there for you, in hopes to help the rest of  us.


Be Encouraged!!!


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