Local stories, true or false

It is what it is

Local stories, true or false

Benton/Franklin Housing Services Cut Ties

After all these years … why now?? I find it quite amusing how our cities have allowed money to come in between the TRI CITYS. I mean come on y’all publically like this?? How embarrassing it must be that our governments can’t agree with one another on how funding is spent or where it should go. Wake up people this is the perfect example of the BS that they keep feeding y’all, yes I said y’all because I already know, I’ve dealt with it my whole life. If agencies such as this can’t agree to disagree what does that tell you about the ones that gave them their positions in the first place??? Below here are a few links to show how petty these government agencies are being ran and how child like most parties have been. This is ridculous, it seems to me that pride and ego have surfaced, I don’t know just an observation. 

The split that no one seen coming 
                 or did they                They had to pay her after they fired her

Here is another local story on needle exchange

see here

This is what I don’t get. Everyone has a problem with drug addicts drug addiction and places that know that the issue is never gonna go away so lets be part of the solution instead. I commend these doctors for doing this, thats whats up. However my entire outlook on this is that police officials want to make drug activity bigger than what it is, Benton County especially yet they are welcoming this needle exchange in their county, let me ask this If all this drug activity were even somewhat close to what they say why haven’t they kicked the owners of the Thunderbird motel, sage n sun motel, airport, starlight loyalty inn, rodeway and the 2 motel ^’s in kennewick??? I mean thats where most overdoses, killings related to drugs and prostitution occur. Yet we have more people incarcerated for driving with their license suspended in the 3rd degree with over 20000 pedophiles no one knows their whereabouts?? WAKE up TRI CITY RESIDENTS!!! This is crazy. I could go on and on but I am gonna stop because we have a lot to cover today

here is something that should grab your attention, I won’t even speak on it I will let you figure it out.

SB 5940 By Senator Keiser
Imposing a business and occupation surtax on prescription opioid drugs.
Referred to Committee on WAYS & MEANS.

Now that was taken today off of the Washington State Legislature agenda and introduction list, this bothers me because in one breathe the government wants to incarcerate any and everyone involved but its okay for them to take their cut (profit) from narcotics used to get heroin addicts off of heroin. So which is it State of Washington to be or not to be??? That is the question
1. known drug motels still operating, why haven’t they been shut down?
2. needle exchange in kennewick supplies needles and other supplies to enable addicts
3. State wants their profit shares in opioid distribution SB 5940

  check out this link

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