Loyalty shouldn’t be a one sided thing

It is what it is

Loyalty shouldn’t be a one sided thing

I know the meaning of when being LOYAL destroys you, I could probably be the poster child for it. NO joke, loyalty shouldn’t be a one sided thing and the things that people are willing to sacrifice to help someone else shouldn’t be their downfall. I don’t know what has happened to those I thought were closest to me, but I do know that I have changed due to the actions of each individual.

Harassment comes in many forms and definitely more so when you speak the truth and or get close to it when it comes to law enforcement. The question is WHY?? My personal opinion about the matter is that here in the Tri Cities so many people depend on how others view them, I know this because I used to be one.

Yes, I said it, I was the biggest people pleaser to say the least, but what I have learned from that is that it doesn’t matter how much you conform to their standards they and others will never be pleased and more importantly they will never have the same standards you do and or care what you go through or put yourself through for them.

So here I am damn near 40 years old and still learning that people nowadays are self-seeking asses that don’t give 2 shits about themselves let alone anyone else.

I have been targeted once again for trying to do the next right thing and that is help at risk youth as well as single mothers, including myself. This lesson however hit home and hard because all I had was a crutch and just like that I was so much for helping a teen that has been set up but one that doesn’t have a fighting chance if his momma don’t pull her head out her ass.

If I have put my freedom at risk for only being of help imagine what else has been at stake. This is what I do know, I am a woman of my word and I will go the distance for anyone, but I need to set boundaries with ungratefl ass people who portray like they are your peeps but in the end show you what so many continue to.

Loyalty is a word that is thrown around like nothing, but loyalty to me is #1 because if you can’t be true to you who is going to be, if you can’t be true to others than your just as bad as the next and if you got to lie to someone that is supposed to be a friend to get personal gain your a sucka for real.

I watch so many people run their mouths about this and that yet they do nothing to make that happen and or threaten others to feel better about themselves. Do Not ever give NO ONE more than what they are willing to give back, expectations are like assholes everyone has one but not every one wants to hear that S@#!!!

So just for today I realize my actual worth and I will no longer allow those who aren’t deserving of my company to have it any longer, nor will I allow one to play the kid roll in hopes that I go out my way for them especially when they do not do it for their own kids.

I haven’t journaled in some time and well I needed to, so thanks for listening y’all please leave a comment in the comments area and let me know how you feel about the topic at hand….

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