Make a difference, Up ROOT the actual issue

It is what it is

Make a difference, Up ROOT the actual issue


Meek Mill N JayZ


So MeekMill and Jay Z have put a crew together to start getting the release of inmates that have been wrongfully incarcerated or something to that affect, I think that’s commendable but my true feelings are as follows

I think that it is coo that you and your crew are funding getting 1 million people out @KimKardashian it seems like you have set the trend for peeps, but what about all the people who have suffered at the hands of the unjust system their entire lives and have to fight everyday to keep their sanity .


More so Why aren’t any of you trying to help change the laws that put most of us in the situations that we are in or that we have faced or continue to. What about the after math of being released and their is no rehabilitation available. The state of Washington could use your help.


Why don’t y’all put that money in to seeking the real justice and put forth your efforts into the system it self??


I am just saying with all the killings by police here in Washington or the fact that most people incarcerated here are because they were bullied by police threatened by police and or targeted mainly because they didn’t have money to get someone to state facts that the public defenders cant begin to, otherwise they’d lose their jobs.



How about the fact that we here in Washington State have not enough public pretenders and for every one of them there are 100 or more of us. The dedication to seek justice aint there nor will it be because these idiots continue to be ran by law enforcement and government.



They would rather turn the other cheek and stay getting paid. It seems like a waste of a law degree if you ask me. anyways these lawyers are not doing their jobs even if they wanted to because they have over four hundred cases of which over half of them are bogus, but because of poverty no one gives a shit!!!



There is so much more to helping people there is a responsibility to do the next right thing and all I see is celebrities that have the ultimate means to impact people not doing in a way that will mean something in the long run. Don’t get me wrong what yall are doing is coo, but the real problems are with the laws or the executioners(judges) that are given that authority to put those behind bars or in a 8 by 10 cell.


I am not trying to discount anything yall are doing , but I feel if your gonna do something at least do it right and go to the root of the problem, who knows, these people yall gonna get out, is amazing but for everyone of them they will be replaced by many more.


Whats gonna stop that same judge or system putting the next person in jail. So as I stated before I feel like you would be doing the biggest monster move to face the facts, face to face and that’s taking this campaign to a whole different level.


Yall are boss hogs, right?? Well show us that then!!! Have what yall got going on mean something for EVERY SINGLE FAMILY that is and has been affected by this unjust system throughout the ENTIRE UNITED STATES


Here’s what they are doing.

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