Pay attention, TRI CITY RESIDENTS!!

It is what it is

Pay attention, TRI CITY RESIDENTS!!

The truth about the injustice we as poor folk live with in Tri Citys, Wa.

Unfortunately the teen (adrian mendoza) is still incarcerated with the defense of a woman that has over 200 cases to deal with. The fact that this kid isnt getting the representation he so desperatly needs is against his constitutional right. When will our town wake up and see that shit isn’t right? When will the tax payers of the Tri Cities really start caring about what is really going on in this town.

The gang issues that police alledge that are going on is bogus and out of this world a crazy excuse to act the way they are. Every one is quick to jump the gun and support these officers but in all actuallity the problem in or town is a lot deeper and more sadistic than this.

We have cops on the force that have taken bribes from these alledged gang members and still have there jobs, they are just put in other positions. Our prosectutor is by far the worse ever and still hasn’t been put out there for the POS that he really is, something has got to give.

We have more unregistered pedifiles than the law allows yet our state keeps them coming in due to the monies they get from the federal government. They then set houses and living for these rapist right across the street for schools and parks.

The cops are suppose to protect and serve but they arent doing that . Instead they are railroadeding the poor and attempting to cover up their mistakes by allowing a meth addict to make a case for them?? Since when is that allowed let alone ever held up in the court, the craziest part is that aint no one doing anything about it, well I am and I will continue to shed light on a very dark place we call the Tri Citys Stay tuned.

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