It is what it is

Empowering Our Youth

What do you think? When you hear the phrase Empowering Youth for success what actually comes to mind?? I am sure there are many things that do, for me I have a million and one things going through my head as to what it could mean and what it actually means to me. The best…
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Best buy trade in through Amazon for your old devices

Best buy trade in     Have you saw the machines in Walmart upon walking in that you can sell your old device to?? Then once you input it and the info in the machine it wants to rip u off for a low amount of cash?? Well I have found the solution to your…
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Professional Cleaning

From The Bottom 2 The Top

Try These New Games

I am constantly seeing people in rooms of others all on their phones completely ignoring one another and playing some type of game. What happened to adult conversation?? Its crazy how much times have changed and how much they continue to. I guess the new thing is gaming on your phone. I sure do miss…
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Get PAID $$ 4 Playing On Your Gaming System

Wish you could sit on your gaming system all day, but can’t because you have to go to work? What if I told you you could play all day and get paid to do it. Well ladies and gents you can!! Follow this link and get ready to quite your day job. This is not…
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A Proposal worth hearing

Advocacy is something that we lack here in the Tri Cities, Having been through the things that I have, it has shown me that there needs to be more than what we now have available to those who lack the finances to the services that are needed for all to be treated fairly. Whether in…
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update: Adrian Mendoza

Things got real ugly last week when Adrian was to appear in court for the signing away of his Speedy Trial rights. Now first and foremost The public defender for this case has done nothing for him. In fact she forced him to sign away his speedy trial rights when he said he didn’t want…
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Loyalty shouldn’t be a one sided thing

I know the meaning of when being LOYAL destroys you, I could probably be the poster child for it. NO joke, loyalty shouldn’t be a one sided thing and the things that people are willing to sacrifice to help someone else shouldn’t be their downfall. I don’t know what has happened to those I thought…
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