It is what it is


Life can throw you off course sooner than you can say abracadabra!!! I kid you not if it weren’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any, and thats the truth.

Sometimes it can take everything you feel you have left in you right out of you. Then you look back to all you have let go and or lost and think like its a bad dream and you will wake up from it, to damn I just went through all that and I am still here yet, I am. It’s harder than most can begin to understand.

When you have done the best with what you had and it doesn’t matter whether you are a good person or not that every one you ever held close to you vanishes and slips away because one you either grew apart but remained in contact to 2. you realize later than sooner that this is how petty and childish people still are and have been the same way for over 20 years.

Now if you ain’t got no kids then so be it live your life but if you have kids of your own and your doing more sleeping over at a friends house than all your kids put together you need to sit yo ass down and grow up. When telling the truth comes in between a friendship, it clearly wasn’t a friendship to begin with , yet because you are you you continue to stay true to you and to your peeps because that s what real mo fos do.

It’s that moment you realize the fool you were too even think that these snakes would at least man up to their wrong doings but instead they deny it like they did that water that morning. LOL

For real so it’s either throw yourself a pity party or you can brush that shit off and continue to stay doing the next right thing stay shinning and finally start living your life for you. At least now your more knowledgeable of the plastic individuals that if you allow them back in your life then you will be the only one to blame. You know that saying you can’t turn a h#@ into a house wife?? Same difference you can’t un teach ignorance, and irresponsible, or make someone have morals, values, knows what respect or loyalty mean.

So back to the “the dope made me do it” NO, NO, NO, you did it because thats who you are and your letting your addiction be your scapegoat, which in the end still makes you a bottom feeder, and a sorry excuse for a human being.

If people could take responsibility for there own actions then this world would be a better place. I am by far not perfect or think that I am better than anyone else, I just have goals, and dreams and am motivated to succeed if its the last thing I do. I learned at a young age that if you want something you have to go get it and I have been able to achieve many things as I plan to continue to do. So you either love me or hate me I guarantee there is no in between, I am unique, I am worth it, I deserve it and believe you me I am gonna get it!!!

It’s no longer your problem or concern. You deserve this, F@#! the rest. U have given everything and there isn’t one person that could say you didn’t give your all, they gonna miss you when you gone, they already do. Boss up and stay focused. Things can only get better from here and besides you are your worst critic as long as you keep getting up thats all that matters cause your still winning!!

At the end of the day you aways have a choice, in order for change to happen you have to be willing to do it yourself and not to your standards either. Truth and water it seems like most people now a days are lacking and not wanting any of yet they are the thirstiest vultures out here and perpetrate to be the “realest” miss me with that jyve…

They say that you stay the age you were when you first started getting high…I believe that to a high degree. Having had gone through this myself I know a thing or 2 about addiction and this is what I do know, you have to be a weak minded individual to do the demoralizing things you would to get a high or to impress someone or to supply your habit. What I have also come to the conclusion of is that if you can really say that drugs made you do something, I call bullshit. Unless it’s cocaine, yet I know many people who have kicked that habit but I cant think of one that didn’t do something strange for a little bit of change.

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