To Blog or not to Blog

It is what it is

To Blog or not to Blog

Letter from the editor

Okay Ladies and Gents. I am gonna keep it all the way real and as simple as I can. As the admin I would like to introduce myself (to those who are just joining and those who have been here since day 1), my name is Virginia but those who know me call me V, and this is a letter from the editor.

This blog will cover my life, our world, and eventually you will also be able to purchase items through here as well, but before that happens I need your help with what would be beneficial to possibly sell. I won’t start purchase part until we can become better acquainted. I don’t want to have things you wouldn’t be interested in so that’s were you all come in, leave some comments to your liking and suggestions of things you would possibly be interested in so I can get an idea of where to start. Okay ?? Can y’all help me out??


With that said I am just gonna let this blog take its own course and see what happens. Being a perfectionist I probley would have started writing actual content to this blog in 2021. Only because it would have to be perfect before publishing and well that is way too time-consuming so here I am, to blog or not to blog that is no longer the question.

Rule of Thumb


For me it is normal to plan things and stratigize, however I have also come to find out that when I do that I tend to procrastinate all at the same time, so here is, the first rule of thumb:

#1 NO Procrastinating!!!

I must do what I would like to put off till tomorrow. Even if it makes no sense I can edit once before posting and leave it that. This is a learning process and well I can prefect it later, because time is of the essence, we got to take a different approach.

#2 NO Over Thinking!!

I have been having difficulties deciding on how I am to share the content on the things that I have been preparing to speak on for the last few months, the longer I take the more my website is in danger of not ranking and not becoming successful.

#3 Be like Nike and JUST DO IT

Get info out, post links linking facts to content and do whatever in my power to make a difference.

Now originally when I started this blog I wanted to push the issue of the corrupt system that we here in the Tri Cities have been subjected to. I am still gonna do that but in a fashion that it matters and I am hoping it will help be a stepping stone for change.


I am no super human nor do I think that I am better than anyone on this earth I do believe that WE as a nation can come together. Even if its for a small second to over come what we are and to overcome what we are facing the better result is to be ONE with one another and to reach as many humans as possible to reiterate that.

What are we teaching our children


What’s the sense in teaching our children right from wrong if we as the parents aren’t doing anything to demonstrate humanity to our children. Now I am not saying go and get your self hurt but what I am recommending is that WE as the people start demonstrating to our younger generations what we know the world can be.

Everything won’t ever be perfect because that is impossible but WE can “make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race” ( Michael J) real talk. WE have experienced almost everything that could go wrong in a system that is unjust, so why not try something that all before us fought so hard for all to die in vain because we are still at one another throats if not more now than then which says a lot.

What Would Jesus Do


Think about it. Every Civil Rights Activist that was, all gave their lives in hopes that we would follow suit behind them and do the next right thing, yet no one seems to even care. If you have money and you see someone hungry but do nothing to help them what does that make you?? What if it were your child wouldn’t you expect someone to feed them whether they knew them or not?? Wouldn’t you feel a sense of relief knowing that others care. This is where the What Would Jesus Do really comes into play yet no one is thinking or acting like that.


What is wrong with our society to where no one gives a flying F#$@ about another human being’s life. The things that are going on and continue to get worse and really needs to come to a stop before we allow this evil to take us into a war against ourselves, because that’s what it is coming to.

We are more powerful than many think


You never know when someone will be at the right place at the wrong time for someone. You understood that right??? It’s not a typo… I am so serious though. The way that we lack respect for one another is ridiculous. We need to become the change we all want to see, the way we are going about it is not the way … so heres what I have to say about it, why don’t we brainstorm together and take things to the next level?


We are more powerful than many think, as in WE I am speaking on US as a society, civilization, nation whatever you want to call it. We are better than this, now is the time to prove that, in a positive manner that is.


All it takes is one person to put fire under someone else and then allow it to be a ripple affect!!! There will be many discussions to engage in I hope that you do, whether you agree with the opinions written or whether you disagree, every voice matters and I want to hear your take on it!!!

That being said this will be quite the experiment to see how things as a blogger and as an activist here in my hometown turn out. LOL I guess what I am saying y’all is this is going to be both fundamental and interesting to say the least.

No Judging


Fasten your seat belts and keep your hands and feet inside the ride this could get real bumpy and I don’t want anyone falls off .. Okay??

Now that I have filled you in on my dilemma lets get down to business.

What I originally stated this blog for my mind and path has changed so as I have said before we are just going to go with the flow, until I get my groove back!! No judging, its not cool and your mother wouldn’t approve. 🙂 LOL

Taking Action

I will be taking action on speaking on the things that we as a nation are facing and I am hoping to get feed back from you all as well as have a plan of action to set in motion for the better good.

Having someone from the outside looking in ( being Bias) is a good thing that way you can gain more insight that you may be overlooking and or not seeing. That being said I will be addressing many subjects, topics (or whatever you want to call them) that are big issues in the town I reside the outskirts of it as well as the state of Washington in general.

I have to go for now until later smile at a stranger cause you never know what they are going through and be kind.



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