update: Adrian Mendoza

It is what it is

update: Adrian Mendoza

Things got real ugly last week when Adrian was to appear in court for the signing away of his Speedy Trial rights. Now first and foremost The public defender for this case has done nothing for him. In fact she forced him to sign away his speedy trial rights when he said he didn’t want to. So let’s ask this, why is it okay for the attorney that is suppose to be representing him not doing just that??

I happened to be there for the morning part of which was changed at the last minute, with out contact to the family. I was also discriminated against at the court house for no reasoning at all. I was then escorted out of the building and not let back in that day. I have never been put out of the court house, not ever and for me to have been targeted for nothing and treated as well as talked to like a child is unacceptable.

It seems like the more that we try to be there for him the more the law and cities continue to target us at every angel. lets look at the facts again just in the eyes of us, Adrian supporters.

  • myself and child as well as dogs moved in with his mother almost four weeks ago
  • week three the humane society made it a point to single me out concerning my dogs.
  • I was told to license them and to show proof of there Rabi shots and licenses when I had already given the names of their vets.
  • I was allowed to move in per the owner then once the city continued to call him making it out as if my dogs were a nuisance he told me I had to go.
  • I confronted city about frivolous accusations and well shut them down by proving I wasn’t ignorant to what they were doing, in response back at the end of conversation I was then told by them that the owner had to legally evict me.
  • the city proceeded to bully, got called out then attempted to turn the tables against the owner once proved wrong.
  • I was kicked out of the Benton county court house and spoke top like a child for no reasoning.
  • The police have begun to slander our names and have allowed an active drug addict dictate their case
  • We have been refused paperwork concerning this case
  • no lawyers still wont take on case due to being targeted for going after the city.
  • The City stopped our garbage from getting picked up.
  • The city has threatened to take owners right to rent away
  • ALL of these problems became issues the minute Adrian went to jail for a crime he didn’t commit
  • they continue to call him names in the juvenile while chastising him in front of other inmates
  • The guards take his levels and antagonize him constantly and the y refuse him his hygiene as well as visits with family.


Heres the kicker. Before leaving the property the family of Andrea was present. These women were grown ass women and once they seen his sisters and the rest of us there they proceeded to call out derogatory things to them ( which they are only 15), which caused a ripple affect and all parties were upset yelling over the other to defend their family. To top it off one of the women that happened to be with the group the morning of was later seen as a prosecutor later that afternoon when he was taken to court.

There are many of his civil liberties being toyed with and the fact that they have no substantial evidence to prosecute him and continue to treat this 17 year old the way they are is not okay and something needs to be done about it.

So I will be making a campaign to get justice for Andrea Nunez as well as a call with free Adrian Mendoza. Once the real is got the innocent will be freed and justice for Andrea will be done. I’d appreciate all the help I can get to get help for these two kids as well as their family and friends.

Never judge a book by its cover!! There is much more between the sheets, help the continued in justices that keep happening in the Tri Cities Washington area.

Many conflict of interests in this case that are not being dealt with by those in authority. So much bogus info that needs a real lawyer to make right. Please like, comment and share.

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Virginia Dickerson

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