Update on The Simple Truth

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Update on The Simple Truth


I know it has been a minute since I posted, I have been doing a lot of soul-searching so to speak and well I have decided I needed to give an update on The Simple Truth because, well I have a complete different take on where I want this blog to go as well as what I am hoping for it to represent. So with that I will fill you in on the upcoming and current changes taking place.

First and foremost I am everywhere and have a lot going on in every area of my life to where it is beginning to finally come together as long as I stay focused and persistent. From volunteer work with ACLU, trying to establish a community center, re entering into mentoring with at risk youth, homeless, and the likes, stepping out into the web world with my soon to be web design business, trying to shake the lost jobs, and homes due to a false charge on my record, getting the community involved with the simple truth so that we can make our world a better place, amongst other little side projects going on including this blog, I have to say I have my hands full!!!


I love the challenge of it although, it keeps me grounded and on point, as well as gets me ready for going back to the capital and getting the opportunity for the 2nd time to speak to our state legislatures up close and personal.

As a kid I wanted to be a lawyer, the fact that I ended up not reaching that goal early on kind of left me wide open for all the lessons I would end up learning but not realizing it till I was 38 years old. Which brings me to the present, of why law is almost about the only thing that comes out of my mouth, or the lack of the law doing their jobs.

Now I don’t want anyone to be misconstrued about my dislike for corrupt law enforcement. I have met a few good peeps who happen to be officers however there aren’t enough of them and that’s what makes everything else that much more chaotic and unbalanced. My distrust came from years of being toyed with based on my last name to of which really isn’t.


When them boys should have protected me they threw me to the wolves like it was nothing and I wasn’t even 9 years old yet. The most grimmest AND foulest thing that a child could go through I did all at once.

Loss of a parent, ward of the state which resulted in being raped, beaten isolated, starved and used like a rag doll by grown ass men and women, rather than protect they ejected us right back to the same place having filled in the foster family (of which we had been residing)what allegations were made against them by us, again at the age of 11, and since then.

I will get into more detail later, but know this, I have continued to do the next right thing no matter what, but enough is enough lets get int o this autobiography, piece by piece, because of the injustices I have endured I would really love to see what y’all would do in the same situation so please if you can relate to this or anything I ever say please leave me a comment and or your feedback. I welcome all opinions as well as views, it would help me out much more than I could ever express.


I have had a lot going on as most of us do, it seems like the more I get settled in somewhere whether it is a job, place to live, or serenity with in my self I get attacked by the devil himself. You would think I would be used to it by now, I am so not, but I am so over all the BS. So rather than fall in to the BS I am continuing on my journey and pursuit to my happiness.

So as most of you know I have been sharing with you all my life and the different ways I have been personally failed by our justice system. I get that I am not the only one however for me to still be sane, alive and breathing without a stray jacket on should count for something.

My past has been resurfacing for a while now and I have recently gotten the answers that I have been waiting for my entire existence, well some and the rest are right around the corner. I am referring to my sperm donor or as others would say biological father.


In trying to find the truth about what actually happened between him and my mom I have found the answers and well lets just say this, it’s as if I came out of a Tyler Perry movie and or even play!! I kid you not it’s like I read and seen this play as well as movie in his collection of stories.

Since the sperm donor didn’t want to talk to me or know me, I couldn’t get medical history so the only other way to go about it is test me and my bro and sister, then and only then can I go the next phase.


See with their DNA and mine we can piece it together our selves and or everything that my sister and uncles have said are the truth, of which I already believe, I just have to do it like this for me to have peace with it all, clarity.

I finally got a DNA test and it’s being broke down as we speak. For 38 years I have not known my roots and or heritage, sperm donor, or mothers side of the family. RECAP Sperm donor had a long-lasting affair with my mother and here I am, once he got wind of it he left my mom to never speak to her again or get into contact with me. My mothers mother was racist against blacks and tried killing my sister on her 6th birthday having disowned my mother due to her bi racial child.( my bro and me weren’t thought of yet)

I have had anxiety, I have been depressed and I have been isolating. Yeah I put on a front to show that it doesn’t faze me but in all reality I think this is the hardest thing I have had to deal with since the loss of my other 2 daughters. I will be keeping you all updated as this goes on then we can find out together, Lord knows I am going to need all the support I can get after the results are in.


Real quick, This blog will still display and bring about the issues we face here in the tri citys as well as in the state of Washington BUT rather than attempt at the inevitable I am going to share my entire auto biography as well as a timeline of event that have literally molded me into the woman I am.

Okay ladies and gents I am out for the time being but I shall return soon until then take care, God Bless and smile an=t someone, you never know what someone may be going through. Be good to yourself and to one another

Be Encouraged,


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