Washington State Policy should be actual laws

It is what it is

Washington State Policy should be actual laws

First and foremost did you noticed how in the title I stated “Washington state policy” pertaining to sex offenders??

Well Washingtonians that is exactly what it is. We in the state of Washington do not have actual laws that pertain to sex offenders. Why?? Well this is the conclusion I came up with after reading almost everything there is available  to read pertaining to this.

Our state is money hungry!! They do not care who likes it , as long as they are getting federal funding to do as they please seems to be the only thing that matters to our legislatures.

Finding the facts

As the sub title here reads finding the facts thats exactly what I will be showing you here.

The fact that our law makers and government would rather keep this to them elves is down right wrong.

According to these briefings and test runs done by our state they would rather make dwls3rd degree a bigger factor than they would a sex offender that is MIA(missing in action) and re classified to there approval.

Yes I said it and its true Washington state re classifies sex offenders so that they only have to do the minimum when it comes to placing them, alerting the community and registry.

What about law enforcement

What about law enforcement?? Instead of finding these predators and making sure that they know the whereabouts of them at all times that is the least concern our government is worried about. This is true and I will prove it.

Here in this document it will show you and tell you how Washington State was advised to not adopt this act due to it taking away federal funding from them. This was back in 2006/2009.

Registry of Sex Offenders

According to documents submitted they did a case study on offenders that received treatment while incarcerated and ones that didn’t receive treatment and the only difference between the 2 was a 1%. Yes I said it 1%!!

So let me recap this if you get caught driving with your license suspended in the 3rd degree you are more likely to go to jail over a sex offender not registering due to their crime,

but hold on, you driving is more of an issue than that of a man or woman who has been convicted of  sexual orientation that police target those they know to not have a license over a sexual predator on the loose that no one knows of.

More Donna’s

In an earlier post I had stated and titled it, we needed more Donna’s.

Donna was a lawyer that fought in Mesa Washington to make the city release the names of sex offenders they weren’t trying to do, 21,000 name

even though this took place years ago the fact that she had to sue the court to make that happen goes to show how much the state of Washington is trying to hide the fact that they have allowed these predators to walk the streets making everything else more important than this.

This is absurd, the fact that there are more lost sex offenders makes the streets 10 times more dangerous, but the fact that they DO NOT ALERT the community of this is wrong all the way around the board.

Instead they would rather make it seem as if we have more issues and concerns surrounding drugs and other criminal activity than to tell the people that they screwed up royalty and let a whole lot of sex offenders roam town with not so much as a bulletin or anything.

Somethings Got 2 Give

We need to do something about this. Somethings got to give. Not only am I a single mother with much concern,  I have been victimized by these types of individuals as a child.

Whether a child or an adult the fear is no different I will always walk constantly looking around, terrified that it may happen again. I will always have it in the back opf my head that it could happen again.  It has made it difficult to engage in any types of relations, and when I had had relations I was distant amongst other things.

As a child you are vulnerable and helpless so to speak if you are unaware of these predators how are you to know that you are facing intimate danger.

Make noise

I don’t know what more to say besides we as the people and civilians of Washington State need to make noise about this. Yes there are other issues that need worked on but the fact that our county officials are keeping this in the dark iis wrong wrong wrong!!!

A new Day 4 Change

What I have come to the conclusion of is that we as the people of these communities within Washington State have a duty as parents, aunts, uncles and the likes  to stand up and speak out for whats right!!!

The proof is in the pudding, and as long as we put forth the effort to acknowledge the rest of the population we can make a difference.

If we continue to allow the state to get away with this they are going to. This is were we take a stand and SPEAK UP AND STEP UP!!! If we don’t who will???

Money over everything

Our state officials continue to show us time after time that their thought mentality is money over everything, which means they chose not to adopt the Adam Walsh Act as a means to continue to get federal grants.

At what cost?? So they would prefer that they make up what they want the public to think while they house these predators by schools and parks and keep it out of the ear of the public??

They refused to take up this act in hopes to sway the public and the public falls for it. It didn’t take deep digging for this info as a matter of fact it popped right up after asking Google for it, So why aren’t more people concerned???

If its the ;last thing I do I will make it public because this is what I do know no one in this state has the actual real amount of sexual offenders

documented going on line and doing a basic search through one of these agencies that do back ground checks prove it and so does the article in this blog pertaining to the lawyer that had to take the city to court to make them release names.

There is so much more going on in our state that needs to be seen and told.


I feel that with everything that has come to pass about funding through the federal government and taxation of us all whom live here in Washington it is our legislatures obligation to keep us informed , up to date and safe from this type of thing happening, if they put more effort into getting the actual issues we face taken care of they wouldn’t have no leisure time to target or harass anyone else. They are obligated to do there jobs yet we don’t hold them accountable… well guys, I guess thats my Que, so until next time take care and step up to make a difference

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