We need more Donna’s

It is what it is

We need more Donna’s

We need more Donna’s

I realize this article is a few years old… that is really irrelevant to the facts at hand so here they go….

If you read this article, you will see where she speaks The Simple Truth (motivatedbyknowledge.com), yet no one sees it for what it is.

We need more Donna’s, in reference to (the advocate in article at top) article. It is crazy to me that she even had to take the city to court just to get the names… Wake up yo .. yeah our justice reform needs to focus on this sick mess right here!!!

This is what everyone should be fighting for … do y’all even know the laws on sexual predators??? You would slap yo momma if you knew their really AREN’T laws in effect and take a wild guess why not…allegedly????



Let me walk y’all through some hard core facts:

1. There are so many sex offenders in this town better yet this entire state and even though we are not the lead holders this time around, the fact remains that our state choose not to adopt an act that would make all offenders register.

It shouldn’t matter what level they are the fact that they either sodomized corps , raped children, women, teens and or men they DID IT and they liked it.

They sought out to do it, Its not something you just wake up and say hey I think I’m gonna go do some demoralizing shit to someone that has no choice but to partake in it or whatever the case may be if they didn’t stop when asked or they took advantage of someones mental status is premeditated.

So I could care less whether or not it was their first time the fact remains they did it and are dangerous to anyone that could fall victim to them.

Now here is some facts about me and this actual topic, I have been a victim of rape myself so saying that i don’t understand the severity of the affects it could have on an individual having gone through it especially because I was a child when it happened to me, and when I reached out to seek help at 9 years old,

I was laughed at by officials ( Cops), the foster family was notified ands things got way worse, so to have endured the things I had at the hand of this system I have had to wonder if one day that man, woman, both may come back when u least expect it and catch you off guard ain’t the way you want to spend your life.

The saddest part of that whole story was the fact that law enforcement did nothing about it and here it is 29 years later and the same is going on however it seems worse to me.

Its worse now that I am older because nothing has changed for the better because I have had such unfortunate things happen to me with in the unjust system here in the Tri.

This is what caused me to gain an interest back in law, and when i found out that not only are these government officials covering up how many S.O’s are in limbo (that end up getting reclassified and their level brought down to where they become an exception to the rule when not having to register)

or refuses to do anything because it will cost 10 plus million bucks for the system needed to keep track of them, and they would lose their federal funding that they get to house each individual one of them here.

AWA_memo[1] on washingtons law concerning registry on sex offenders

Money should never be a problem here in the Tri-Cities From what the minutes say we (as int the people) can make it rain!! I mean look at the jail in Kennewick, they built a federal holding facility ( Benton County Jail) before the vote was in to fund it.

2. Now you would think with the monies raised in the tax hike back a few years ago that the monies ranging in over 15 million dollars collected just by raising our taxes, the very money that was raised because if needing more monies put into more not needed cops in the area, could settle the argument that is taking place between Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland that because this is what they told us the people the money was to be used for.

They are set to not get more mental health as a matter of fact that was one thing they originally denied having monies going towards

3. Or how about the at risk teens that the media claims there is so much havoc going on with them when in all actuality the trafficking is stemmed from these sexual offenders, that u have no idea where they are because our state is so money hungry that they would rather put our children’s lives in danger by not dealing with the problem that they have created and allowed, instead they make it out that our town is something its not. We do have issues with in the community but its nothing that the police are making it out to be.

Sex Offender Law _ Yakima County, WA

4. Come on people wake the hell up!!!!  Did you know that as of 2 months ago (last time I went to a city council meeting) that we pay almost 500,000 dollars in payroll just for Benton County paid out a month!!!! Yes you heard correct, a month you guys!! That is a half a million for one police force in a Tri town city…. come on. Thats ridiculous.

They use US Marshals to pick up people who missed a payment on a fine or didn’t go say hi to there probation officer, yes that is what they are deemed to do yet why not go hard for the disturbed individuals that are doing sadistic things to other human beings.

I feel as if our officials really gave a damn that would be the direction they would be working to make a difference in , instead they target poor folk with past records. They are spending all your money on frivolous ass stake outs and everyone is sitting back okay with it.

I am not making excuses for any other criminal charge I am however bringing light to something that has been in the dark before I was even thought about and or conceived!!

How can anyone living in this area not know?

I will tell you how, because sexual offenders aren’t spoken on as an individual who refuses to stop getting high, ultimately if you think about it anyone who has been charged with a drug offense is either a drug addict them selves which ultimately them having it is solely to supply their own habit, in one way shape or form so you are putting us in jails and prisons for getting high yet, the average S.O according to your stats are due to re offend. As stated in the Washington State Sex Offenders Overview of Recidivism Studies the only difference was 1% literately 1% and last time that was updated was in 1995!!!!

They target those who have felony convictions. Since most aren’t licensed they get pulled over only because the cop is knowledgeable of them not having one in hopes to catch them with something on them which 9 times out of ten they do allegedly, but had they not pulled them over for no reasoning aside from not having a license they wouldn’t be facing new charges and the jails wouldnt be over crowded or full for that manner.

This town labels people and puts them as a criminal in the eyes of the public as well as the jusice system. Its wrong yo, real wrong.


Take a good look at these two links the one right above and the one below this dialogue, then u decide.

Biennial Budget criminal reform kennewick

Pay attention to detail……

Benton County reverses course and will spend some public safety reserve fund _ Tri-City Herald

then they sit outside your parents house till they catch u slipping because mind you they have been staking u out because of no license but that is a guaranteed arrest in there eyes so if u were to check the roster more people are incarcerated for driving …

5. How about the defense attorneys who aren’t even doing there job for you!! They go with prosecutor because they don’t have the time to efficiently build your case for the good of you!! Instead its just another way of failing the public on a much larger scale.

Who’s the real criminals here ladies and gents?

They are over loaded in cases, cases that if all y’all that have them went to the box (trial) with them
nine times out of ten you wont be charged because they have no case!!

They use tactics against you so that you plead guilty (due to history of criminal record) but in all actuality they ain’t got nothing!!!

By continuing to have no faith in our selves and the cold hard facts that most allegations are brought about to get someone to tell on another or them selves most people that are targeted for this are poor folks and those who have been in and out of a system.

What you all probably don’t know is that there are active judges, lawyers, and law enforcement that have shares invested in the Benton county jail. Which means what??? well that means that the very ones that are putting you there are insuring their retirement plan on the expense of your loved one being wrongly accused or targeted for their gain.

Are you okay with your tax dollars continuously being used in vain when almost every other house on a bloc houses an S.O, or how about how the state gets all this money for them residing here and they make there housing across the street from a park or school, but if your not poor you wouldn’t know that because the majority are put in low income housing and have more resources than a homeless single mother or father who has a drug convection.

I am a felon, I am an addict, I am a single mother, an alcoholic I have made real horrible choices then I grew up and it doesn’t seem to matter how good a persons heart is they can break too.

I am the perfect example of how a system as unjust as this, can ruin folks lives no matter what you do how how much you continue to push forward  it is sick and wrong.

It seems that no matter how well you do they are always looking for you to fall and stay down, but that isn’t how I was raised so unless I am dead I will continue to get up and striving to be better than I was the day before.

When you have government officials are speaking the same thing you do, no one applauds it or does anything to support it, but expect things to change, well sweetie change starts with you!!!

So go be the change we all want and need to see.

I have been called everything under the sun I have been treated poorly, disrespectfully, illegally and I’m over it !!!

Now its time to take action so ….. Tell me what you gonna do now???

Still nothing probably right… Thats too bad, not everyone is made to lead so I guess I will end this with do the next right thing and speak up for our CHILDREN its your duty and your job and most definitely your responsibility to them point blank period.

Here are some more facts for you:

Did you know that the federal government supplies grants per sex offender housed in the state ….

It was advised for Washington State to not adopt the act pertaining to making S.O.’s register of which the way they got they account set up (in my Kevin Hart voice) is BS, all because they would lose funding!!

How about some cold facts okay ,

***they say they are fighting a war on the streets with drugs but they allow a needle exchange that gives an individual the entire works to shoot up some dope. From pieces of cotton, syringes(bags at that) a cup to cook their dope in something to start their heart if they over dose, a container and baggies to hold dope in, yet you arrest that same person for loitering, pan handling, not paying a fine or just looking at you crazy!!!

***How about the 11 million dollar shelter they built literally in the Thunderbird motels lap, where known sex offenders are housed at to top it off the males got the new shelter and the women and children got stuck in the lice infested bed bug having scabies on your babies spot, which is less than 500 ft away from known sex offenders!!!!! WTF

**** How about all the over doses that have taken place at Benton county but there are no open investigations or people being held responsible for it!!! come on y’all WAKE UP!!!

**they claim to be at war with drugs and the streets yet every roach low end motel is still up and running no matter how many deaths murders over doses accidental deaths of children from drowning do to lack of parental supervision and these motels get busted over and over yet you do nothing to have them shut down.

***they do Internet stings for pornography but we ave a huge community flooded with SO’S that the community is Not aware of and the crime we need to be worried about is someone getting high….

***they have killed more disabled people that were known to them and they literally get a way with murder but how about this one. Jenny C. was hit by a car on the freaking freeway literally at the Madison exit going towards Pasco, how in the hell if you had traffic stopped and everyone saw that girls body on the ground face down life less and the reaction/response by police in the paper about it first thing the cops say is no drugs were involved and the individual that hit her isn’t being pursued with charges and nothing more written on it.

Why wasn’t that head lines, how many people even knew about it???? I could go on and on , and I will but that is enough for today .,….
**** To all my Hispanic people… do y’all know that we the Tri Cities Pasco and Kennewick are 4/5th in the nation for deportation… I think its pretty foul and yet none of the counsel that are Hispanic ain’t speaking up either… its quite sad, somethings got to give

Whats it gonna take y’all????



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