We will hold you accountable

It is what it is

We will hold you accountable




We Elected You

We elected you because of the change you said you were about and I am here to let you know that we are going to hold you accountable.

WE will be attentive with everything because we need you to follow through with what you promised us, for a better tomorrow.

There are many others that wanted to be here but due to other circumstances they could not be. They have asked me to give you this message.

The Message

The amount of money that has gone into incarcerating those who are being arrested for DWLS 3rd. Degree for a substantial amount of time is a waste of taxpayers money, especially because you have allowed yourselves and others to lose sight of the real issues we face as a community here.

You imprison us and once we are released we are thrown to the wolves with nothing to protect and or better our selves with. There is no rehabilitation and since when did not possessing a license warrant criminal behaviors. You give the poor and homeless no other choice but to break the law.

The only difference

You expect the most out of us but give us nothing to work with. Because we have criminal back grounds we aren’t respected and our views, thoughts, ideas and input aren’t ever taken into consideration. We all make bad choices, the only difference between us and you be that we’ve been caught.

Giving individuals like us the opportunity to be a part of the community is starters. We have kids in school and we can’t go volunteer due to our status yet you guys want us to donate to the school… it may seem petty to you or other congress members but it is a slap in the face.

Benefit of the doubt

You guys don’t give us the benefit of the doubt and nothing we do is ever good enough in the eyes of you all.

The real issues at hand need to be priorities

Our communities are going to shit due to lack of programs available. Yet we have monies that have accumulated allegedly to better the tri city area yet it is not being used for that .


Lack of Mental Health

Lack of mental health is crucial to our communities to become healthy without the proper doctors, at risk children, youth adults and the rest alike just adds to the kaos we are facing as a community,

You all seek control yet what exactly do you expect from repeated generations of mis guided affection or their lack of it. To reach the community you have to be one with t.you have to be open to hearing the actual truth and not the truths that your fellow council seek.


Next Right Thing

We aren’t animals we are human beings with real life issues that could be prevented if you and your group of peers did the next right thing. We voted you in we can easily vote you out. If felons are making a difference for the better of the community and are becoming and displaying that we can make a difference then why not let us, our hands being tied due to c criminal backgrounds is not fair and definitely discriminate.

Boundaries build disapline

To continuously point fingers at addicts and or poor folk trying to get by does what for y’all?? It takes a village to raise a child and even then nothing is guaranteed but as long as everyone plays their part the chances of that a child succeeding are that much greater because they will have been given the best opportunity having been taught respect and shown morals and values within the community.

Confidence builds character

Character builds personality

Personality builds respect and self-worth

self-worth/ respect builds companionship

companionship builds friendship

friendship builds boundries

boundries build discipline

Discipline builds responsibility to life

Responsibility for life produces a productive member of society

productive member of society builds our tomorrow!!!



If we had more community based programs and genuinely strive 2 educate these younger generations they wouldn’t have to break the law to seek attention they clearly aren’t getting at home. Communities are supposed to lift one another up and show compassion yet all we are teaching the kids of the world today be that taking something from someone because you can is okay, and or to treat someone with respect and dignity is no ;longer something anyone does. How are we as parents to tell our kids to d something if we aren’t displaying that very action ourselves??

We have lost sight of what the word community really means and represents, it is sad and if actions aren’t taken soon we all will suffer more than what is happening now.

So we Urge you to take heed to our request because we will be watching and holding everyone accountable

Thank you Kindly,


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